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"In every heart, there is goodness, and there is knowledge of right and wrong. That is where our hope comes from. Let me ask you, my dear friends. Let our eyes penetrate the danger of today to the light of hope of tomorrow. Let us look beyond the freedom we enjoy outside China to envision the freedom in the future of China. I long for the day when all of us are free; I long for the day when we can live together in peace." -- Yang Jianli
  • Yang Jianli: Not Unnecessary Words --My Closing Statement in the Court (Aug. 4, 2003)
  • Yang Jianli: My Statement on Not Seeking an Appeal (May 18, 2004)
  • Christina Fu: Address in Washington to Commemorate the Second Anniversary of Dr. Yang's Detention (April 26, 2004)
  • Christina Fu: Press Conference - On the 3rd Anniversary of Yang Jianli's Detention (April 26, 2005)
  • Recent Updates

  • An Alternative History of China (2009.5.28)
  • Chinese dissident refused entry into his native country (2009.05.12)
  • The 19th Anniversary commemoration of the massacre at Tiananmen Square (2008.06.04)
  • Pelosi: 19 Years Ago Today, the Tiananmen Square Massacre Challenged the Conscience of the World (2008.06.04)
  • US Lawmakers Criticize China's Human Rights (2008.06.04)
  • Goddess of Democracy at Congress on Tiananmen anniversary (2008.06.04)
  • China Dissenter Retains High Hopes For Democracy (2008.06.04)
  • Statement from REBIYA KADEER (2008.05.14)
  • GongMin "Citizen Power" Walk Entering New York City (2008.05.14)
  • Christian Science Monitor: When it comes to human rights, silence is not golden (2008.05.07)
  • The Facets Of Chinese Nationalism (2008.05.05)
  • Boston Globe: A Sense of Direction (2008.05.03)
  • Prison camp survivor vows walk to remember massacre (2008.04.02)
  • The GongMin Walk - Thank You & Remembrance May 4 C June 4 (2008.04.01)
  • The GongMin Walk Poster (2008.04.01)
  • Yang Jianli's speech at the Reception Honoring Him at Massachusetts State House Held by State Senate and State House of Representatives (2008.04.01)
  • Brookline activist Yang Jianli recalls life as a Chinese political prisoner (2008.03.19)
  • A reception in honor of Dr. Yang Jianli at Massachusetts State House, April 1, 3:00pm (2008.03.19)
  • Statement on Current Situation in Tibet (2008.03.14)
  • Advocates Launch Human Rights for China Ribbon (2008.03.10)
  • New Forum for Advancing Democracy in China Established (2008.03.08)
  • New Forum for Advancing Democracy in China Established (2008.03.04)
  • Harvard Mathematician and Democracy Advocate Honored At Emotional Gathering In Brookline (2008.01.27)
  • Dr. Yang Jianlis Speech to Friends in the Brookline Community (2008.01.24)
  • Overcome Fear (2007.12.05)
  • Let Us Launch a 'Speak the Truth' Movement (2007.12.01)
  • Free Border Crossing as a Condition for Boycotting (2007.11.05)
  • Remarks at Amnesty International Northeast Regional Conference 2007 (2007.11.05)
  • Dr. Yang Jianli Calls for Conditional Boycott of Beijing Olympics at Amnesty International Annual Conference (2007.11.05)
  • Thank you from the Yang family (2007.11.2)
  • Jay Nordlinger article in National Review on Yang Jianli (2007.10.10)
  • Yang Jianli's remarks at All Saints Parish Church (2007.10.10)
  • A Message from Yang Jianli, President of the Foundation for China in the 21st Century (2007.9.30)
  • Echoes of Tiananmen Square (2007.9.30)
  • Yang Jianli's Meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Boston (2007.9.25)
  • Yang Jianli: Some of My Thoughts----written before the court adjudication (2007.9.15)
  • Press Conference -- Remarks of Dr. Yang Jianli (2007.9.4)
  • Washington Post: A Dissident's Courage (2007.9.4)
  • AP: Freed Activist Foresees Change in China (2007.8.22)
  • DLA Piper Lawyer Helps Free Former Classmate From Chinese Prison (2007.8.22)
  • Activist jailed for 5 years in China returns with hope, not anger (2007.8.22)
  • Dissident Returns After Long Struggle -- Beijing Accused U.S. Resident of Spying (2007.8.22)
  • Reuters: China lets Boston-based dissident go in nod to Paulson (2007.8.20)
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    Yang Jianli's Articles

    On Non-violence Principles

    On Constitutional Democratic Movement

    On Democracy and Human Right Movement

    • The (New) Development and Prospects of China's Human Rights and Democracy Movement
    • Please Uphold a Human Rights Concept That Does Not Degrade the Chinese People
    • The Chinese Also Need Human Rights
    • What the Chinese People Need Most Is June 4th Complex

    On Economy and Trading

    • On the Evaluation of Deng's Economic Reform and Predicting China's Economy in the Post-Deng Era
    • The Periodic Economic Crisis -- Disequilibrium between Freedom, Order and Equity
    • The Topic Besides China Joined WTO

    On China Re-unification

    • Understand the Basic Issues Involving the Relations between Both Sides of Taiwan Strait Using Basic Logics
    • Open Letter to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Regarding the Peaceful Unification of the Country

    On Other Issues

    • Let Me Answer Your Questions -- Letter to Students of Beijing University
    • No Civilization, No Modernization
    • Who Can Say No to the Real History
    • We Cannot Change Historical Figures, But Can Influence the Figures in Future

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    Yang Jianli's Mailing Address

    Yang Jianli
    Initiatives for China
    1875 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 410
    Washington, D.C. 20009
    (202)234-8104 Ext. 202

    Yang Jianli's Returning to China Event

    Yang Jianli, Tiananmen Square activist in 1989, came to the United States, earned two Ph.D.s, and then founded the Foundation for China in the 21st Century. Given his political activism, he was blacklisted by the Chinese who also refused to renew his passport.

    Jianli returned to China in April, 2002 on a friend's passport to view labor unrest in the northeastern part of China. He was detained when trying to board an internal flight. Since his initial detention, Jianli has been held incommunicado by the Chinese in violation of their own and international law. On July 14, 2003, Yang Jianli is indicted by the Chinese government on charges of espionage and crossing the national border illegally. On May 13, 2004, China sentenced Yang Jianli to five years in jail for illegally entering the country and spying.

    About Yang Jianli

    Dr. Yang Jianli, male, born in Shandong, China
    Earned his B.S. degree from the Department of Mathematics, Liaocheng Teacher's College in 1982
    Earned his M.S. degree from the Department of Mathematics, Beijing Normal University in 1985
    Earned his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley in 1991
    Earned his Ph.D. degree from Harvard kennedy School of Govermment in 2001
    Chair of Foundation for China in the 21st Century and President of ChinaEWeekly

    Statements and Letters of Support

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    Christopher Cox:  The Communist government's refusal to give an official reason for the detainment is a violation of the PRC's own laws.
    Michael E. Capuano:  His important work in human rights advocacy is widely recognized by the international community.
    Barney Frank:  He is a hero to me and many, many other people, both in the Congress and outside
    Julie Seavy:  He is an extremely ethical man and thoughtful scholar.
    Livio Melfi:  I understand he is a really special person; people like that you can meet very few times in life.
    Jay Nordlinger:  I knew, when I was with him - even though he was young and rather jolly - that I was in the presence of a great man. I said so, immediately, in my column. His cellmates - if he has cellmates - will sense his greatness too.
    Wang Ce:  Hereby, we appeal to the Chinese government to stop violating basic human rights and persecuting of political dissidents. We appeal to the Chinese government to give back Dr. Yang's freedom immediately and issue a valid passport to him as ordinary Chinese citizens should have the right to hold.
    Li Lu:  His writings and the various research projects he helped to establish will profoundly contribute to and influence the democratic process in China for years to come.
    Song Yonhyi:  "A man wants to enter his own house to help his family members but a thief stole his key. He has to brook the window to get into the house. Unfortunately, the thief hire a corrupted policeman to arrested him as 'illegal enter' and put him in jail." Does any man/woman in the world have his/her basic right to enter his/her own houses? Who really brook the law: the thief or the man? How ridiculously the policeman did? Everyone with common sense of justice will not difficult to figure them out.
    Zhang Wei:  The Chinese government had no legal ground to deprive Jianli of his right to return to China, and Jianli resorted to the illegal way to defend his reasonable and legitimate rights.

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